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Watching TV inside Gazebo with curtain and screen

Watching TV inside Gazebo with curtain and screen

Bringing your entertainment outdoor is everyone's dream. Summer is short and you want spend more time outdoors but there is a new series on Netflix that you want to watch while being outside. You also don't want to spend a ton of money getting an outdoor TV or calling a professional mounting a TV outside. 

Using an indoor TV for short stints outside in a covered area such as gazebo is possible. Place your TV under a your gazebo or canopy to protect it.  And for optimal image quality, you should place your TV in the shade. Bright sunlight usually means that you can't see much.

When you buy a new TV for in the living room, you can use the old one to watch TV outside. The Zebozap is full motion TV mount, Zebozap articulates and swivels to any direction you would like to the TV to be. 

Did we forget about our friends in the nature who want to get a little cozy. Bugs and mosquitos can be a hindrance in our Netflix and chill outing. Thanks to screens and curtains that can help curtail them. 

How to mount the Gazebo TV Mount in Gazebo with screens?

mounting tv with mosquito screens , gazebo with curtains.

Mounting the Zebozap in Gazebo with screen and curtain is possible by making a small slit in your screen and curtain for the strap to passthrough. 

Step by Step Guide on how to install strap though Gazebo curtain and screen. This is best done with two people. 

  1. Position the mount at a suitable height for the TV to be. It is suggested to mount the TV without the screen and curtain to determine a suitable height (ps. in this explanation there is two layers a. mosquito screen inside and b. sun curtain outside)column mounting bracket with straps should be strapped on. 
  2. Lets start with the top straps of the mount. Use a silver sharpie to mark the inner screen to make a SMALL vertical cut on the inner screen, the slit should be 1" which is just enough to pass the top strap on each side. 
  3. Once the screen had its 2 slits, carefully put pressure on the screen so that both the screen and outer curtain are in their natural proper position. 
  4. Use the silver sharpie once again this time through each screen slit and mark the outer curtain at the 2 spots. 
  5. Make 2 vertical cuts into curtain to pass the top strap.
  6. Next, remove the top strap from the white column mounting bracket by pulling it out the slots. 
  7. Go outside the gazebo and pass the strap through the slit in the curtain then the slit in screen
  8. The other person inside the gazebo, received the strap and passes through the straps into the side slot of the white column mounting bracket and back out through the top and back in through the side slot. Similar to the picture below. column mounting bracket
  9. Now pass the straps through the slit of the screen and curtain to the outside. 
  10. Now the straps are ready to be inserted into the ratchet buckle and tightened. 
  11. Repeat process for bottom strap

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