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Outdoor tv mounting ideas for your gazebo with quick release

Outdoor tv mounting ideas for your gazebo with quick release

Using Indoor TV for outdoors in your Gazebo

Ever wondering how to use your indoor TV occasionally outside inside or around your gazebo? Worries about drilling or calling or an expensive installation process to get a TV mounted outdoors for that occasional TV entertainment outdoor. 

Of course we all have our cell phones and can individually watch something on the phone and be anti social. Wouldn't you rather project that phone to your TV or just tune into your favorite TV show on your smart TV mounted outdoors on your gazebo post. 

How to mount a indoor TV outside on your Gazebo post?

ZeboZap, as the name suggest is quick solution that allows you to mount your TV on a post by just wrapping the TV mount around your gazebo post and tightening in place with a built in tightening mechanism. The all inclusive solution comes with everything you need to mount your TV on a gazebo post and rotate 360 degrees and watching from anywhere inside or outside your gazebo. 

Call your friends over to show them your recent holiday or some nostalgic high school photos and laugh out loud in the open skies. Looking to watch live hockey or soccer or the Olympics, all this is possible with the zapping speed TV installation system. 





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