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Looking to play online games outdoors during the occasionally moment on a nice summer day? You have a wonderful game on your phone app and you want to project to a big screen?

We all want to get together sometimes and watch and interact with a big screen outdoor sometimes. Getting an outdoor TV and trying to mount that can take lots of time, and cost lots of money. 

When you are setting a games party that you will probably organize 2-3 in a summer, spending all this money and effort on a outdoor TV is allot of work and cost for the small amount of gain.

gazebo tv mount

Games night and BBQ in your gazebo while watch the NBA finals 2022. 

DO you know that you can mount your outdoor TV in minutes in your gazebo or pergola in just minutes using Zebozap. Zebozap is an all inclusive TV mounting system that allows you to mount your TV on a post 3x3 or larger in just minutes without leaving any scars on your post. 

All you need is your TV and find a way to safely run power to your gazebo if you already havent has a power connection inside.