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Troubleshooting Tips: When Your Outdoor TV Mount Isn't Level

Troubleshooting Tips: When Your Outdoor TV Mount Isn't Level


Outdoor TV mounts add a touch of luxury to your outdoor entertainment space, but sometimes they may face leveling issues. If you've noticed that your outdoor TV mount isn't level, don't worry—here are some troubleshooting tips to help you get your TV back on the straight and narrow.

Check for Loose Screws:

One common reason for an uneven TV mount is loose screws. Examine the mounting brackets and connections for any signs of looseness. Tighten any screws that may have come undone during installation or over time.

Assess the Mounting Surface:

An uneven mounting surface can lead to a tilted TV. Ensure that the wall or pillar where the TV mount is installed is level. Use a bubble level to confirm if the surface is even. If not, consider adjusting the mount or adding shims to create a level foundation.

Re-Adjust the TV Mount:

If the TV itself appears level but the mount isn't, it might need readjustment. Loosen the screws, make the necessary adjustments, and then tighten them again. Be cautious not to overtighten, as this can lead to damage.

Utilize a Leveling Tool:

To achieve precision in leveling, use a leveling tool during installation. Place the level on the top of the TV and adjust the mount until the bubble is centered. This ensures an accurate and balanced installation.

Seek Professional Assistance:

If troubleshooting on your own doesn't yield the desired results, consider seeking professional assistance. A professional installer can assess the situation, identify the root cause, and provide a reliable solution to ensure your outdoor TV is perfectly level.


Maintaining a level outdoor TV mount is essential for an enjoyable viewing experience. By following these troubleshooting tips, you can quickly address any leveling issues and get back to enjoying your favorite shows and movies in the great outdoors.

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