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How High Should an Outdoor TV Be Mounted?

How High Should an Outdoor TV Be Mounted?

A Comprehensive Guide with Tips

Enjoying your favorite TV shows and movies in the open air is a unique experience. However, to ensure the best viewing experience, proper installation is crucial, especially when mounting an outdoor TV. One of the vital aspects to consider is the height at which your outdoor TV should be mounted. This guide will provide you with tips to determine the perfect height for your outdoor TV.

The Basic Rule of Viewing Comfort

As a standard rule, the middle of your TV screen should be at the eye level of seated viewers. This rule applies to both indoor and outdoor settings. Depending on your outdoor seating, the TV could be placed a little higher, but the aim is to provide a comfortable viewing angle to prevent neck strain.

Considering TV Sizes

When deciding on the mounting height, the size of your TV also plays a significant role. For an approximate idea, consider the following recommendations:

  1. 40" TV: The base should be around 25 to 30 inches from the floor, positioning the center of the screen at eye level.
  2. 50" TV: Place the base approximately 30 to 36 inches from the ground to maintain a comfortable viewing level.
  3. 55" TV: Aim to have the base about 35 to 40 inches off the floor.

Remember, these measurements can vary based on your specific seating arrangements and viewing preferences.

Unique Factors for Outdoor TV Placement

Unique factors come into play when deciding the mounting height for an outdoor TV:

1. Sunlight and Glare: Mount your TV to avoid direct sunlight on the screen, which can cause glare and make viewing difficult.

2. Security: If your TV remains mounted outside, consider a height that is out of easy reach to deter potential theft.

3. Weather: If your region experiences frequent rainfall, ensure your TV is sufficiently shielded by your patio cover or pergola.

4. Privacy: If you have neighbors with overlooking windows or balconies, you might prefer a lower placement for privacy.

The Role of Mounts

The TV mount you choose, like the versatile Zebozap mount, can significantly impact your TV installation height. An adjustable mount allows you to change the height of your TV based on your current need, making all the difference for a perfect outdoor viewing experience.


While there is no universal answer to how high an outdoor TV should be mounted, considering these factors and tips can ensure a comfortable and enjoyable viewing experience. With the right placement and mount, your outdoor entertainment center can provide countless hours of fun.

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