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How Do I Weatherproof My TV Outside?

How Do I Weatherproof My TV Outside?

10 Affordable Steps

Enjoying your favorite TV shows or movies in your backyard under the stars is an enticing prospect. But how do you weatherproof your TV for outdoor use without breaking the bank? Here are ten affordable steps you can take:

1. Select the Right TV Mount

Start by choosing a weather-resistant TV mount that can withstand outdoor conditions. While some models may specifically cater to outdoor use, even a robust indoor TV mount can serve the purpose if it's sturdy enough. Choose TV mounts that allows for quick disassembly, enabling you to bring your TV indoors when not in use, minimizing its exposure to outdoor elements.

2. Cover Your TV

Invest in a waterproof and dustproof TV cover to protect your TV when not in use. Ensure the cover you select is designed to fit your TV's dimensions.

3. Shield Your TV

Consider using a TV enclosure that provides an additional layer of protection against weather elements. While professional-grade enclosures can be costly, you can find DIY tutorials online to create a cost-effective one at home.

4. Secure Your Connections

All cables and connections should be securely covered to avoid exposure to the elements. Use waterproof sealant and consider investing in outdoor-rated covers for your outlets and cables.

5. Install a Surge Protector

A surge protector is a critical element of any outdoor TV setup. It will safeguard your TV and other connected devices from electrical surges.

6. Consider Sun Exposure

Remember to position your TV in a way that minimizes direct sun exposure. Too much sunlight can not only impact the viewing quality but can also potentially damage your TV.

7. Ventilation is Key

While protecting your TV from weather elements, ensure it has enough ventilation. Overheating can shorten your TV's lifespan.

8. Use a TV Screen Protector

A TV screen protector can safeguard your screen from accidental knocks, flying debris, and curious critters. It also reduces glare for better outdoor viewing.

9. Regular Maintenance

Regularly clean your TV screen and enclosure, ensuring they're dust and moisture-free. This simple act can extend your TV's lifespan significantly.

10. Choose Quick Disassembly: Zebozap

The Zebozap mount allows for quick disassembly, enabling you to bring your TV indoors when not in use, minimizing its exposure to outdoor elements. This video shows the Zebozap mounted and dismounted within seconds. 

Weatherproofing your TV for outdoor use doesn't have to be expensive. By following these ten affordable steps, you can comfortably and safely enjoy your favorite TV programming in your outdoor living space. So get ready for those magical summer nights with outdoor cinema under the stars!

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