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What is an Outdoor Shelf?

What is an Outdoor Shelf?

Have you ever wondered about the seemingly gravity-defying shelves adorning sleek pillars, creating an illusion of weightlessness? Enter the Pillar Shelf Mount (CLMDLSW1002) by Zebozap, a masterpiece powered by Slot Grip Technology. Let's unravel the magic and discover why this floating shelf is the outdoor décor game-changer you've been craving.

🚀 Strapping Shelves for Round Pillars and Square Columns

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🌟 Advantages of the Pillar Shelf Mount:

1. Effortless Installation: No drills, no power tools – just minutes to mount on any column or pillar. The heavy-duty paintable strap ensures a secure embrace around your outdoor architectural marvel.

2. Modern Design & Functionality: A sleek, modern aesthetic meets practicality. The toughened, oven-baked tempered glass shelves provide ample space (12" depth, 14" width) for your Soundbar, game console, cable box, or any entertainment device.

3. Cable Management: Say goodbye to cable chaos! The built-in cable management openings keep your outdoor oasis tidy, ensuring a clean finish for your entertainment hub.

4. Weight-Bearing Brilliance: Each layer can handle up to 20 lbs, with a total weight capacity of 40 lbs. Securely display your favorite gadgets and devices with confidence.

5. Versatile Placement: Perfect for Sonos Soundbar, Play Station console, X Box, DVD player – these shelves redefine outdoor entertainment, freeing up precious floor space in your apartment or condo.

6. Rental-Friendly Installation: No drilling, no landlord hassles. The Pillar Shelf Mount is a renter's dream, bringing style and functionality without the need for permission.

7. Entertainment Center Definition: Paired with the Column TV mount, this round pillar shelf transforms your outdoor space into the ultimate entertainment center, making a statement in style.


In the world of outdoor décor, the Pillar Shelf Mount from Zebozap steals the spotlight. Elevate your space, define your entertainment center, and embrace a clutter-free, stylish outdoor haven. Ready to revolutionize your pillars? Dive into the future of outdoor shelving now! 🌈 #PillarShelfMount #OutdoorDecorRevolution

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