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Ways to mount tv outdoors

Ways to mount tv outdoors

The allure of outdoor entertainment has never been more captivating, and mounting your TV outdoors is the perfect way to enhance those alfresco gatherings. In this guide, we'll explore various methods of mounting your TV outdoors, from traditional wall mounts to innovative solutions like the Zebozap Outdoor Pillar TV Mount.

1. Wall Mounts: Bringing the Indoors Out

Overview: Wall mounts are a classic choice for outdoor TV installations. By securing your TV to an exterior wall, you can enjoy a seamless integration of indoor entertainment in an outdoor setting. Ensure the wall is sturdy and suitable for mounting, and use weather-resistant materials for added durability.


  • Space-saving and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Allows flexibility in TV placement.


  • Limited viewing angles compared to other options.

2. TV Stands: Mobility and Flexibility

Overview: TV stands designed for outdoor use provide mobility and flexibility. These freestanding units are ideal for temporary setups or when you want the option to relocate your TV within your outdoor space. Look for stands with weather-resistant features.


  • Easy to set up and relocate.
  • Ideal for temporary outdoor setups.


  • May take up more space compared to wall mounts.

3. Ceiling Mounts: Sky-High Entertainment

Overview: Ceiling mounts are a unique choice for those looking to maximize space while adding a touch of sophistication. Install your TV from an overhead structure, such as a pergola or gazebo, for a unique viewing experience. Ensure the mount is rated for outdoor use and can withstand weather elements.


  • Saves ground space.
  • Provides an unobstructed view.


  • Requires a stable overhead structure.

4. Pillar Mounts: Introducing the Zebozap Outdoor Pillar TV Mount (ZZTVA2044)

Overview: Pillar mounts offer a versatile solution for outdoor TV installations, and the Zebozap Outdoor Pillar TV Mount (ZZTVA2044) takes it a step further. Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, this innovative mount allows you to strap your TV securely to pillars, enhancing flexibility in placement.

Features of Zebozap Outdoor Pillar TV Mount (ZZTVA2044):

  • Durability: Crafted for outdoor resilience, ensuring longevity.
  • Strapable Design: Securely strap your TV to pillars, offering unparalleled placement options.
  • Tool-Free Installation: No tools required, simplifying the mounting process.
  • 360° View: Enjoy a flexible viewing experience with a rotating TV mount.


  • Versatile and strapable design.
  • Weather-resistant and durable.
  • 360° view for optimal flexibility.


  • Requires pillars for installation.

In Conclusion: Tailoring Your Outdoor TV Experience

When it comes to mounting your TV outdoors, the options are as diverse as your outdoor space itself. Whether you opt for the classic wall mount, the mobile TV stand, the sophisticated ceiling mount, or the innovative Zebozap Outdoor Pillar TV Mount, tailor your choice to suit your space, preferences, and the unique ambiance you want to create. Embrace the great outdoors and elevate your entertainment experience under the open sky.

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