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The Zebozap Outdoor Pillar Post TV Mount

The Zebozap Outdoor Pillar Post TV Mount

Imagine having instant outdoor entertainment at your fingertips—movie nights, sports, or gaming right in the comfort of your wood gazebo, metal gazebo, pergola, or backyard patio. The ZeboZAP Gazebo TV Mount brings this vision to life, offering the easiest way to mount your TV outdoors without the need for drilling. Let's explore the incredible features and benefits that make ZeboZAP the ultimate solution for outdoor TV mounting.

No Drilling, Just Strapping and Zapping

One of the standout features of the ZeboZAP Gazebo TV Mount is its hassle-free installation. No need for drilling into your gazebo or patio posts. Simply strap and zap your TV in minutes. The universal post TV mount adapter, stainless steel ratchet buckles, 360° full-motion TV mount, heavy-duty straps, and all the necessary stainless steel hardware and mounting tools are included in the package. It's a complete solution ready to transform your outdoor space.

Weatherproof and Durable

Worried about wear and tear in harsh outdoor conditions? The ZeboZAP Gazebo TV Mount is 100% weatherproof, thanks to its steel frame and powder-coated finish. The stainless steel hardware ensures durability, making it a reliable choice for year-round outdoor use.

Specifications that Impress

The ZeboZAP Gazebo TV Mount caters to a wide range of TVs, supporting sizes from 32 inches to 70 inches. With a weight capacity of 80lbs, it's been rigorously load-tested four times for reliability. The mount accommodates various post shapes, including circular, square, rectangular, triangular, hexagonal, H beam, I beam, and more. The full-motion feature allows for a 360-degree rotation around the pillar, offering the perfect viewing angle.

Low Profile and Height Adjustable

Enjoy a sleek look with the low-profile design, keeping your TV only 2.5 inches away from the column and extending up to 19 inches. The mount is also height and position adjustable, providing flexibility to customize your outdoor entertainment setup.

Heavy-Duty Straps for Security

Security is a top priority with the ZeboZAP Gazebo TV Mount. The 850lbs strength UV-resistant polymer straps, coupled with stainless steel buckles, ensure your TV stays securely mounted. This robust design is built to withstand the elements and provide long-lasting stability.

Compatible with Various Outdoor Structures

Whether you have wood gazebos, metal gazebos, patio gazebos, pergolas, Yardistry gazebo, Sunjoy gazebo, Costco gazebo, hardtop gazebo, or even a hot tub gazebo, the ZeboZAP Gazebo TV Mount is designed to suit them all.

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Upgrade your outdoor entertainment effortlessly with the ZeboZAP Gazebo TV Mount. No drilling, no hassle—just strap and zap for instant enjoyment in your outdoor oasis. Embrace the freedom to watch your favorite shows, movies, or sports under the open sky. Get your ZeboZAP Gazebo TV Mount today and elevate your outdoor living experience!

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