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Outdoor TV Mount

Outdoor TV Mount

Imagine enjoying your favorite movies, sports events, or video games right in your backyard. With the ZeboZap No-Drill Outdoor TV Mount, this dream becomes a reality. Whether you're hosting a summer BBQ, a cozy movie night, or a lively game-day party, this innovative TV mount provides the perfect outdoor entertainment setup.


Why Choose ZeboZap?

The ZeboZap Outdoor TV Mount stands out for its ease of use, versatility, and durability. Unlike traditional TV mounts that require drilling, the ZeboZap mount uses heavy-duty straps and ratchet buckles to securely hold your TV on various types of posts, including trees, gazebos, pergolas, and patio columns. This means no permanent modifications to your outdoor structures and a quick, hassle-free installation process.


Key Features:

  • Universal Post TV Mount Adapter:

    Fits a wide range of post shapes and sizes, making it incredibly versatile.

  • Stainless Steel Ratchet Buckles:

    These ensure a secure and sturdy mount, holding TVs up to 70 inches and 80 pounds.

  • 360° Full Motion TV Mount:

    Enjoy a full range of motion with 360-degree rotation, allowing you to find the perfect viewing angle.

  • Weatherproof Construction:

    Built to withstand harsh outdoor conditions, thanks to its powder-coated finish and stainless steel hardware.

  • Heavy Duty Straps:

    These UV-resistant polymer straps provide exceptional strength and durability.

Easy Installation:

Setting up your ZeboZap Outdoor TV Mount is as simple as strapping it to a post and tightening the ratchet buckles. In our latest video, we demonstrate mounting a 55-inch LG TV on a tree, showing just how straightforward and secure the process is. This mount can accommodate post diameters from 3 to 16 inches, making it adaptable to almost any outdoor setup.


  • TV Compatibility: Supports TV sizes from 32 inches to 70 inches.
  • Weight Capacity: Rated for 80 pounds, with four times load testing for added safety.
  • Post Diameter and Circumference: Fits posts with diameters from 3 to 16 inches and circumferences from 11 to 55 inches.
  • VESA Compatibility: Supports VESA patterns from 200x200mm to 400x400mm.
  • Low Profile Design: The mount extends only 2.5 inches from the post, ensuring a sleek and unobtrusive look.
  • Adjustability: Allows for height and position adjustments to suit your viewing preferences.


Perfect for Any Outdoor Setting:

Whether you have a wood gazebo, metal gazebo, pergola, or patio posts, the ZeboZap mount adapts seamlessly. It's ideal for various outdoor structures, including Yardistry gazebos, Backyard Discovery setups, Sunjoy gazebos, Costco gazebos, hardtop gazebos, and screened gazebos. The mount's robust design and weatherproof features ensure long-lasting performance, even in harsh outdoor conditions.


Customer Testimonials:

Our customers love the ZeboZap Outdoor TV Mount for its convenience and reliability. Here are a few testimonials:

"This mount is a game-changer for our outdoor movie nights. So easy to install and incredibly sturdy!" - John D.

"We mounted our TV on a pergola, and it holds up perfectly even during windy days. Highly recommend!" - Sarah K.

"The 360-degree rotation is fantastic. We can adjust the TV to face any direction we want." - Mike R.



Elevate your outdoor entertainment experience with the ZeboZap No-Drill Outdoor TV Mount. Its innovative design, easy installation, and durable construction make it the perfect addition to any backyard setup. Don't miss out on the ultimate outdoor viewing experience – get your ZeboZap mount today!


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ZeboZap No Drill Outdoor TV Mount

By incorporating the ZeboZap Outdoor TV Mount, you can turn any outdoor space into a vibrant entertainment area, perfect for gatherings with family and friends. Enjoy the great outdoors without compromising on entertainment quality.


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