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How To Remove Zebozap Ratchet Strap?

How To Remove Zebozap Ratchet Strap?

In the world of outdoor TV mounts, ZeboZap stands out as a pioneer in simplicity and efficiency. Today, we delve into the heart of ZeboZap's innovation – the ingenious Ratchet Strap system. Join us on this journey as we unravel the magic behind unmounting and remounting with just two fingers.

The ZeboZap Ratchet Strap Experience: An Overview

Picture this: a beautiful evening in your gazebo, the anticipation of watching your favorite show outdoors, and the ZeboZap No Drill DIY Gazebo TV Mount ready to serve. At the core of this seamless experience lies the game-changing Ratchet Strap system.

How It Works: The Two-Finger Magic

The ZeboZap Ratchet Strap, a marvel in design, simplifies the unmounting process to an unprecedented level. In our latest video, "How To Remove ZeboZap Ratchet Strap," we showcased the effortless removal of the entire TV mount with just two fingers. The days of struggling with complex setups are over – ZeboZap ensures that unmounting and remounting are a breeze.

Product Spotlight: ZeboZap Pillar Post Outdoor TV Mount (ZZTVA2044)

Let's zero in on the star of our video, the ZeboZap Pillar Post Outdoor TV Mount (ZZTVA2044). This mount is tailor-made for wood gazebos, metal gazebos, patios, pergolas, and backyard patios. Designed to hold up to 80lbs, it's a sturdy companion for your outdoor entertainment needs.

Key Features:

✅ Universal Post TV Mount Adapter
✅ Stainless Steel Ratchet Buckles
✅ 360° Full Motion TV Mount
✅ Stainless Steel Hardware
✅ Heavy Duty Straps
✅ Mounting Tools

Weatherproof Wonder: The ZeboZap Advantage

One of the standout features of the ZeboZap Pillar Post Outdoor TV Mount is its 100% weatherproof design. Thanks to the steel frame, powder-coated finish, and stainless steel hardware, the mount is a resilient warrior against wear and tear in harsh outdoor conditions.

Specifications and Compatibility

  • TV Sizes: 32 inch TV to 70 inch TV
  • Gazebo Post Diameter: 3-inches to 16-inches
  • Gazebo Post Circumference: 11-inches to 55-inches
  • Weight Capacity: Rated for 36kg/80lbs. (4 times load tested)
  • Shapes of Post Supported: Circular, square, rectangular, triangular, hexagonal, H beam, I beam, and all other shapes
  • Full Motion: View 360 degrees rotation around the pillar.
  • Low Profile: Only 2.5" away from the column and extends 19"
  • VESA: 200x200mm to 400mm x 400mm
  • Common Users: Wood Gazebos, Metal Gazebos, Patio gazebos, Patio posts, Pergolas, Yardistry gazebo, Sunjoy gazebo, Costco gazebo, Hardtop gazebo, Hot Tub Gazebo, Screened Gazebos
  • Height and Position Adjustable: Yes
  • Heavy Duty Straps: 850lbs Strength UV resistant Polymer Straps, 2 x Stainless steel buckles
  • Mounting Screws: Stainless Steel
  • Outdoor TV Enclosure: Not Included

How to Get Your Hands on ZeboZap Pillar Post Outdoor TV Mount?

If you're eager to upgrade your outdoor TV experience, visit our Shopify store here or find us on Amazon. ZeboZap is your ticket to instant outdoor entertainment, making every movie night, sports event, or gaming session a memorable experience.

Conclusion: Embrace the ZeboZap Revolution

In conclusion, the ZeboZap Ratchet Strap system revolutionizes the outdoor TV mounting game. Its ease of use, weatherproof design, and compatibility with various structures make it a must-have for anyone seeking a hassle-free solution. Upgrade your gazebo, patio, or pergola with ZeboZap and unlock a world of outdoor entertainment like never before!

Unleash the magic, simplify your life – choose ZeboZap for your outdoor TV mounting needs. 🚀📺✨

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