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How to mount TV on pole?

How to mount TV on pole?

Now that we've explored the perfect scenario of a TV mounted on a pillar near the swimming pool, let's discuss why ZeboZAP's No Drill DIY Gazebo TV Mount surpasses the traditional wall-drilled TV mount, especially for your outdoor entertainment needs.

1. Preserve Your Outdoor Space:
Unlike wall-drilled mounts that leave permanent marks and damage, ZeboZAP's mount keeps your outdoor space intact. Preserve the beauty of your pillar without compromising on entertainment.

2. No Need for Professional Installation:
Wall-drilled mounts often require professional installation, adding extra costs to your setup. ZeboZAP's mount empowers you to do it yourself, saving both time and money.

3. Versatility in Pillar Choices:
Wall-drilled mounts are limited to specific wall types, restricting your options. ZeboZAP's mount, on the other hand, embraces various pillar shapes and sizes, offering unmatched versatility.

4. Adaptable for Different Occasions:
The flexibility of ZeboZAP's mount makes it suitable for various events – be it a poolside party, a backyard movie night, or a gaming session by the pillar. Adaptability is the key to a memorable outdoor experience.

5. Removable and Reusable:
ZeboZAP's No Drill DIY Gazebo TV Mount is not a permanent fixture. Need to change the setup for a different occasion? No problem! Unstrap the TV, and the pillar remains free from any mounting hardware.

6. Weatherproof Reliability:
Outdoor conditions can be unpredictable, and a wall-drilled mount may not withstand the elements. ZeboZAP's mount, designed to be weatherproof, ensures durability and longevity, even in challenging weather.

7.Elevate Aesthetics without Sacrificing Functionality:
ZeboZAP's mount seamlessly blends functionality with aesthetics. Keep your outdoor space visually appealing while enjoying the full benefits of a mounted TV.


In conclusion, ZeboZAP's No Drill DIY Gazebo TV Mount offers the perfect solution for mounting a TV on a pillar near your swimming pool, especially when preparing for a party. The ease of installation, weatherproof durability, and versatility make it a standout choice for transforming your outdoor space into an entertainment haven.

Choose ZeboZAP's innovative solution over traditional wall-drilled TV mounts, and elevate your outdoor experience without compromising on the beauty of your space. It's time to embrace the future of outdoor entertainment with ZeboZAP's No Drill DIY Gazebo TV Mount!



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