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Full Motion Outdoor Pillar Mount

Full Motion Outdoor Pillar Mount

Imagine hosting a backyard movie night, watching your favorite sports events, or simply enjoying TV outdoors with friends and family. With the ZeboZap ZZTVS2022 Swivelling Gazebo Outdoor TV Mount, you can transform your outdoor space into an entertainment haven. This guide will walk you through the features and benefits of this innovative mount and how to set it up on a concrete pillar gazebo.

Features of the ZeboZap ZZTVS2022

The ZeboZap ZZTVS2022 Swivelling Gazebo Outdoor TV Mount is designed to bring the comfort of indoor entertainment to your outdoor space. Here are some of its key features:

  • Weatherproof Design: The mount is built to withstand the elements, making it perfect for outdoor use. It is designed to resist rain, sun, and wind, ensuring your TV stays safe and secure.
  • 180° Rotation: Enjoy flexible viewing angles with the mount’s 180° rotation feature. This allows you to adjust the TV to the perfect angle, whether you’re lounging on your patio or hosting a large gathering.
  • Versatile Compatibility: The ZeboZap ZZTVS2022 supports TVs ranging from 23" to 50" and can hold up to 33 lbs. It also meets VESA standards, including 75x75mm, 100x100mm, 200x100mm, and 200x200mm, making it compatible with a wide range of TV models.
  • Easy Installation: Mounting your TV has never been easier. The ZeboZap ZZTVS2022 comes with all the necessary hardware, allowing you to set it up in minutes. It can be mounted on various post shapes, including round, square, triangular, and hexagonal, as long as the post is larger than 3" in diameter.

Step-by-Step Installation Guide

Setting up the ZeboZap ZZTVS2022 on your concrete pillar gazebo is straightforward. Follow these steps to ensure a secure and efficient installation.

1. Gather Your Tools and Materials

Before you start, make sure you have the following tools and materials:

  • Drill with masonry bit
  • Level
  • Screwdriver
  • Wrench
  • Measuring tape
  • Marker

2. Mark the Mounting Location

Choose the optimal height and location on your concrete pillar for mounting the TV. Use the level to ensure the mount will be perfectly horizontal, and mark the drill holes with a marker.

3. Drill the Holes

Using a drill with a masonry bit, carefully drill holes into the concrete pillar where you marked the spots for the mount. Make sure the holes are deep enough to securely hold the mounting bolts.

4. Attach the Mount

Align the ZeboZap ZZTVS2022 mount with the drilled holes and insert the provided bolts. Tighten the bolts using a wrench, ensuring the mount is firmly attached to the pillar.

5. Mount the TV

Attach the mounting brackets to the back of your TV according to the VESA pattern. Lift the TV and hang it on the mount, securing it with the provided screws. Double-check that the TV is securely fastened and level.

6. Adjust the Viewing Angle

Once the TV is mounted, use the 180° rotation feature to adjust the viewing angle to your preference. This flexibility allows you to enjoy the best view from any spot in your outdoor space.

Enjoy Your Outdoor Entertainment

With the ZeboZap ZZTVS2022 Swivelling Gazebo Outdoor TV Mount installed, you can now enjoy endless entertainment possibilities in your backyard. Whether it’s a family movie night under the stars or a lively sports party with friends, this mount transforms your outdoor area into a dynamic entertainment zone.

For more information and to purchase the ZeboZap ZZTVS2022, visit ZeboZap.

Upgrade your outdoor space today and experience the ultimate in outdoor entertainment with ZeboZap!

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