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Mounting TVs outdoors. 

Mounting a TV outdoors has many benefits. Watching your favorite sports or Netflix series outdoors with guest or family can be an exciting get together. Enjoying photos from the past projected to your TV with Apple Airplay or Android mirroring is an outdoor activity we can do in summer.

Installation of a TV on wall or setting up a sturdy surface to place the TV in the middle of your patio could be a handful for short summer project. Then there is the worry about someone tipping the TV over. Adjusting the angle of the TV to any position would only be possible if the TV was mounted with a 360 swivel arm. 

Mounting a TV to a post

Mounting a TV on a post would be an easier method of bringing your indoor TV outdoors on any occasion you want to have a party. Look around and you might already have a perfect post that you could use to mount your TV. You could find posts which are part of your house structure, deck, pergola and even a gazebo post. 

Drilling into a post is not an option. 

Drilling into structural post, uneven post or a sculptured post is highly dangerous if not done properly or examined thoroughly. Drilling large bolts to existing structure whether its made out of wood, steel or plaster is never advisable. Without knowing the  history of it and what's is the composition of the post, drilling is highly not recommended. 

Strapping a TV onto post

The only way then to use a post to mount your TV is to strap the TV on to a post extremely strong so that it does not slip. The Zebozap all inclusive TV mounting system allows you to mount your TV onto a post without drilling into the post. Two extremely strong straps are build in with a easy tightening mechanism that allows you to attach any tv to your post. The licensed SlotGrip technology allows for a TV up to 90lbs" to be mounted onto a post of approximately 3" x 3" or bigger in minutes.

Zebozap is build in with strapping technology that allows you to strap your TV onto a post and rotate it 360 degrees to any position you like. The TV still needs to be protected from rain and other elements when they are outdoors. 

Can I use indoor TV, outdoors? Do I need an Outdoor TV for my patio?

These questions get asked frequently. Please refer to this quote by backyardscape.com in article Can I Use An Indoor TV Outside? https://backyardscape.com/can-i-use-an-indoor-tv-outside/

You can use an indoor TV outside. As long as it is properly protected under a roof or covered in a cabinet, you should have no problem using your indoor TV outside. However, without proper setup, ideal weather conditions, and more, it may not work out.

What’s the difference between an indoor and outdoor tv?

Please refer to this quote by backyardscape.com in the same article

"The primary differences between an indoor TV, and an outdoor TV, is the temperature range, moisture control, brightness, and sensitivity to sunlight. Outdoor TVs are built to last and cut out some of the natural light hitting the screen, whereas indoor TVs cannot. Outdoor TVs are built to keep moisture out and maintain a safe temperature to provide optimal performance."